Raid max spider killer surface spray

Up to 6 months Protection

Raid max spider killer surface spray

Spider Killer Surface Spray

Kills on Contact!
Up to 6 Months Protection

Raid Max®Spider Killer has been specially formulated to kill spiders and control cobwebs.

Raid Max® Spider Killer provides a tough barrier against insects in two ways:

  • Kills insects fast on direct spray.

  • Keeps on killing crawling insects with its protective barrier of control for up to 6 months.


Spider, Cockroach, Ant, Millipede, Earwig, Slater

For Outdoor use only.

  • Spray crawling insects, outdoor infested areas, or insect hiding places, such as under eaves, around window frames, around downpipes and guttering and around sheds, under the house and generally around the house perimeter or any other places where insects are known to gather outside.

  • Spray these areas thoroughly from about 20-25cm from the surface.

  • Surround inaccessible areas with a barrier spray.

SPIDERS: Spray under eaves, webs and other sites where spiders lurk.

Please refer to the product’s label for full directions and safety instructions.
Not to be used for any purpose or in any manner contrary to the product’s label unless authorized under appropriate legislation.