Raid® Max Pest Outdoor Surface Spray

Up to 6 months Protection

Raid® Max Pest Outdoor Surface Spray

Kills flying and crawling insects before they enter your home
- On-going control
- Kills on contact
- Ready to use
- No need to wear gloves

Raid® MAX Pest Outdoor Surface Spray is an outdoor home surface spray delivers effective and ongoing, outdoor insect control. It is specifically designed to kill a range of crawling and flying insects - before they enter your home. No need to wear protective clothing or gloves. Ready to use and easy to apply with extendable trigger.

Raid® MAX Pest Outdoor Surface Spray is effective in two ways:

  • It kills pests on direct spray

  • It has a residual effect on sprayed surfaces to stop pests entering home through cracks, windows and doors. 2 Litres of Raid® MAX Outdoor Surface Spray covers approximately 40m², which is an adequate barrier for the average home.


Cockroach, Ant, Mosquito, Spider, Flea and Papernest Wasp

For external use only — Do not use indoors. This product is ready to use. No dilution or mixing is required. Shake well before use. For complete home protection, perimeter treatment is advised. Apply to a band of soil or vegetation 2-3 metres wide around and adjacent to the home. If the treated band is disturbed, a new application should be made to maintain the barrier. Also spray under eaves, around window frames, behind down pipes and guttering, around sheds and all other insect infested areas outside the home. Spray areas thoroughly holding the nozzle about 20-25 cm from the surface. Spray evenly and near the point of run-off using 2 Litres of product per 40m2. Residual control will be achieved on non-absorbent surfaces (timber, fibre cement, ceramic, aluminium). Residual control on absorbent surfaces (bricks and concrete) will be noticeably shorter. Situation - Around the perimeter of the home - Under eaves, guttering and down pipes. - Around the window frames. - Under the house and around foundations. Pests: Spiders How to Apply: Spray directly onto spiders or where webs are present. For longer-lasting protection spray under floors, eaves, around windows, protected darkened areas and inside cracks and crevices. Repeat when spiders begin to reappear. Pests: Papernest wasps How to Apply: Spray nests directly and to the point of run off. When all adult wasps have been knocked down remove the nest from the structure. Pests: Ants How to Apply: Apply to trait and nests, around garbage bins and points of entry. Repeat as necessary. Pests: Cockroaches How to Apply: Spray all points of entry including air vents, window frames, cracks, crevices and door jambs. Pests: Fleas How to Apply: Spray outside surfaces of buildings and surrounds including but not limited to foundations, verandas, window frames, eaves, patios, garages, dog kennels, sand pits, soil, turf, trunks of woody ornamentals or other areas where pest congregate or have been seen. For best results perimeter treatment is advised - apply as indicated above. Pests: Flies and Mosquitoes How to Apply: Apply as a residual treatment to surfaces where insects rest or harbour such as windows sills, door jambs and fly screens. Reapply as necessary.

Read safety directions before opening or using. Not to be used for any purpose, or in any manner, contrary to this label unless authorised.

Store in the closed, original container in a cool, dry place.

Please refer to the product’s label for full directions and safety instructions. Not to be used for any purpose or in any manner contrary to the product’s label unless authorized under appropriate legislation.