Raid max automatic advanced multi-insect control system

Odourless Protection
Ant Scared

Raid max automatic advanced multi-insect control system

*5-in-1 Protection:

  1. Protects from flying insects even with windows open

  2. Kills cockroaches*, flies, mosquitoes, & ants

  3. Odourless

  4. Kills hidden mosquitoes

  5. Lasts up to 105 days (305g refill) or 56days (185g refill)

*to control cockroaches use only on 24hr setting

Raid® Max Automatic Advanced Multi-Insect Control System provides continuous odourless protection against flies, mosquitoes, ants and cockroaches with just one product. Choose between 12 or 24 hour setting.

Advanced Micromist Technology:
Thanks to its better diffusion than a traditional spray, Raid Max Automatic Advanced releases the same amount of product in 24 hours as most traditional aerosols release in just 5 seconds**

**when compared to other Raid aerosols


Fly, Cockroach*, Mosquito and Ant

*to control cockroach, only use on the 24 hour setting.

Use only with Raid® Automatic Advanced Multi-Insect Control System dispenser. Quality of performance is only guaranteed with Raid® Automatic Advanced refills.

  • Read the instructions on pack thoroughly before installing.

  • Choose a location where the air circulates freely and where insects are likely to be. Air changes, building layout, temperature and humidity may affect unit’s efficiency.

    1. Confirm that dispenser is “off” by sliding switch to either ‘0’ position

    2. Connect battery to terminal. Place battery into compartment

    3. Shake can well and then remove protective over-cap from can

    4. Place the dispenser on the Raid® can

    5. Push down and twist the dispenser slightly until it stops and locks to the Raid® can

    6. Lower the Raid® can into the holder and press firmly to attach

    7. Hang product on wall or place on a horizontal surface, preferably 2 metres above the floor and at least 30cm below ceiling.

    8. For optimal results, keep unit in one consistent location within the home and allow unit to operate continuously without switching off

    9. To activate, ensure nozzle is pointing outwards and away from you.

2 dispenser settings available (12hr & 24hr) switch to either “12” or “24” position. The dispenser will activate 10 seconds after switching to the ON position. Your Raid Automatic Advanced Multi-Insect Control System now operates automatically releasing a spray every 7 minutes


  • Ensure that unit is in upright position during use to be effective

  • Replace battery when red light on top of dispenser flashes

  • To remove refill can, turn dispenser in counter-clockwise direction

  • Care should be taken to switch “on” the device only after choosing the desired location

  • Avoid placing product on or over furniture, plastics and polished surfaces and appliances as the contents may stain or damage these surfaces

  • Use only in well-ventilated area, not smaller than 2.5m x 2.5m (16m3). Do not use in small non ventilated rooms.

  • Wash hands with soap and water after handling or cleaning the unit


  • One Raid® Automatic Advanced Multi-Insect Control System will serve an average size room (30m3).

  • Ideal for use in homes, offices, shops and other indoor areas.

Please refer to the product’s label for full directions and safety instructions.
Not to be used for any purpose or in any manner contrary to the product’s label unless authorized under appropriate legislation.