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General Info
  • There are many species of indoor ants that invade our homes – they come in all different sizes and colours
  • When one ant finds food or water they will lay down a chemical trail that guides other worker ants to the source - you will see trails of ants going back and forth from the food or water
Where They Nest
  • Indoor ants build their colony both indoors (in wall voids or under flooring) and outdoors
  • If outdoors, the colonies are often built close to the home and are hidden in the soil or under objects on the ground
What They Want From You
  • These ants are seen indoors when they search for food to bring back to the colony
  • They are known to eat many different types of food, and they can even change their food preferences during the year
Why They’re A Problem
  • Indoor ants can infest and contaminate your food
Tips For Limiting Entry and Avoiding Future Problems

Cleaning and tidiness is the key! Eliminate food, water, and other things that attract ants:

  • Remove food spills and exposed food
  • Store food in sealed containers
  • Dry out bathtubs and sinks after use
  • Rinse glass, metal, plastic, and paper food containers before recycling/throwing them out
  • Clean all kitchen surfaces and vacuum spilled dried food often
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink
  • Keep food out of bedrooms and living rooms
  • Cover animal food dishes and clean up any animal food that may have spilled

Seal up entryways to help keep them out:

  • Caulk any cracks or crevices where ants can enter your home from outside or neighbouring units
  • Make sure your windows and doors fit tightly
  • Avoid putting organic mulch next to your foundations, which provides an ideal place for outdoor ants to build their colony and then invade your home

Avoid common mistakes:

  • Continue to treat problem areas even after all ants are gone
  • When using ant baits, do not place them on areas that have been sprayed with an aerosol or liquid insecticide - ants traveling over sprayed areas will die before they have a chance to bring the bait back to the colony

Raid® Defence System

We have a custom combination of products and tips to battle bugs.



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